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About the game

Sheepish is a single player, casual, 2D pixel sprite game where players take on the role of an adorable pup named Laddie. Safely herd different colored sheep into their pens while avoiding the angry rams and fighting off the big bad wolves from attacking the flock of sheep.

Production Time: 6 weeks [November - December 2015]


Xbox Controller:

  • Left Joy Stick: Full 360 range movement of field of play
  • Right Trigger: Sprint
  • A Button: Start game on main menu / Interact / Progress through dialogue
  • B Button: Bark / Back to game from pause menu
  • X Button: Credits on main menu / Main menu from pause menu
  • Y Button: Controls on main menu / Quit game from pause menu
  • Select or Stat Button: Open or close pause menu interface

Keyboard and Mouse:

  • Mouse Left Click: Select options from main menu and pause screen
  • E Key: Interact / Progress through dialogue
  • W A S D Keys: Respectively left, up, right, down
  • ESC Key: Open or close pause menu interface
  • Shift Key: Sprint
  • Space Bar Key: Bark

Game Designers

Alex Brandt - Programmer
Christopher Ward - Narrative Writer / Artist
Christine Wright - Sound designer / Video Editor
Kylee Woodland - Technical artist
Payton Pellitteri - Character Artist / Animator
Nathan Trimboli - Producer / Game and Level Designer

We welcome your comments and reviews.

Thank you for playing.

Install instructions


  1. Download the build.
  2. Once done downloading, extract the .zip file.
  3. Open the extracted folder
  4. Open Sheepish.exe
  5. Select 'Run' if the computer asks for verification of the game
  6. Wait for the Unity splash screen to load
  7. Have Fun!
  8. Make sure to visit again and leave us some feedback!


Sheepish.zip 31 MB

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